“An object lesson in how to produce the definitive history of a niche subject at a reasonable price, this attractive hardback proves that scholarship does not have to be dull. Only three straight-eight chassis were built by Triumph as a daring riposte to Alfa Romeos 8C models, yet Wood has mined every possible source to dispel false rumours surrounding these legendary vehicles and create a work that will stand the test of time.”

Mark Dixon, judge, Octane.
Shortlisted for the RAC Motoring Book of the Year 2018

“Once again Jonathan Wood has produced an important book; it is well illustrated throughout, very nicely produced being printed on good quality paper, and his erudition makes this a greatly enjoyable read…When compared to the pricing of comparable books, ‘Donald Healey’s 8C Triumph Dolomite’ must be considered a true bargain and it will surely bring pleasure for many years to come. Highly recommended.”

The Bulletin of the Vintage Sports-Car Club

“Fresh from winning awards for his superb Squire history, Jonathan Wood has focused on another obscure British pre-war exotic. The result is a handsome 300-page masterwork…He also digs deep in his quest to resolve various Dolomite mysteries, and adds fascinating biographies of the key personalities. Highly recommended.”

Classic & Sports Car

“Although it might sound like a stretch to fill 300 pages with a history of two individual two cars, in fact Jonathan Wood has revealed so much of the Dolomite story and researched each car with such diligence that it never feels like padding. The book is well designed, well produced, comparatively affordable and comes highly recommended.”

The Automobile

It is an exhaustively researched and illustrated story, which digs into corners which even I never managed to plumb in my several encounters with the cars over the years…I can think of no more suitable present than this one for a Triumph enthusiast for his next anniversary, Christmas present or whatever.

Triumph historian Graham Robson in TRaction magazine

Wood has the experience and meticulous approach to research that this foggy subject demands…The meat of the book is the brilliant chassis-by-chassis guide that outlines the histories of both these machines, which have long been confused.

Octane Book of the month

In chronicling the fate of Triumph’s masterpiece Jonathan Wood has uncovered a wealth of previously unrecorded information…One word is all that is needed to describe this book: magnificent.

SAHB Times [Society of Automotive Historians in Britain]

This authoritative work is highly recommended.

‘Society of Automotive Historians’ Journal (USA)

Launched on January 30th 2018